Pots o’ Hospitality

These little flower pots filled with springtime goodies are fun to make and give away. Create them for any occasion — party favors, hostess gifts, or welcome gifts left in your guest room. Use your imagination loading the contents of little flower pots.

Recipe for Pots o’ Hospitality

  • Ceramic green flower pots, available from Home Depot, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and garden stores in various colors and sizes (I used 5-inch pots here. If you’re inspired, buy terra cotta pots and personalize them for the occasion with paint.)
  • Colorful gardening gloves
  • Seed packet of herbs
  • Espresso Pillows from Trader Joe’s (chocolate-covered espresso beans… but a bit of any kind of chocolate will go)
  • Spanish moss (available from any craft store)

gArrange everything in the little pot and put in a cellophane bag (available at craft stores) and tie with ribbon (I used rafia). I also included a little soil in a separate baggie placed behind the flower pot in the cellophane bag. That way the seeds are ready to plant.