Goodnight Irene

The view from our living room -- waves are almost over the dunes during Hurricane Irene on Pleasure Island, North Carolina.

Hurricane Irene spared much of the Cape Fear Coast and the Wilmington, North Carolina, area. We weathered the storm in our oceanfront condo — a place we playfully refer to as “Banana Cabana.” (I like yellow walls!) Stocked with batteries, water, libations, and food, the four of us — me, Bill, Patrick, and Mike Kelley, fire chief from Montgomery County, Maryland, and Bill’s brother — watched the storm.

Safe and sound, we’re all back home. So ends my reporting from the Carolina Coast until I return. Stay tuned, this fall will bring many more escapades from Kelley Hospitality. I hope you’ll follow me as I transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

And that's a wrap from Coastal Carolina. See you soon. (Wraps are an easy-to-prepare hurricane food while you're busy storm watching.)

Down by the Sea

Patrick Kelley on the beach in North Carolina

August means the Kelley’s head off to the Cape Fear Coast and the antebellum southern port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. This year, my plan is to blog from the coast. I will tickle your taste buds with recipes and descriptions from all the local spots—some southern fare, some seafood, and some just local-yocal.

When I started this blog on January 1 of this year, I thought I would write weekly entries of hospitality and food escapades. But, ah, the life of a busy magazine editor—always on a deadline! The life of a working mom and wife! And, the life of one who loves to welcome you to our home!  All good but not much time left to blog.

I plan to take photos (yes, more photos from now on because I got that camera  — a Nikon Coolpix L120 — I talked about in Wintertime Dessert Party), I hope to draw you into my coastal experience. Let’s try it. See you soon.