The Good is Now

I’ve been touching and studying Gran’s dishes for decades – running my fingers over the hand-painted raised, pink flowers. Many solitary hours of my childhood were spent exploring the china cabinet and any nooks with pretty clutter. I organized and rearranged dishes, silver, china, Carnival glass, and more.

Gran’s dishes were the ones I loved because mom loved them. She searched antique shows and shops to find matching pieces. Back then there was no Internet for quick searches and free shipping. I remember her excitement when she came home with another piece. Victory!

But she never used them. Why? Maybe because there was only service for six. Or maybe they were just too precious, something you “saved for good.” That was the way a lot of Depression-era folks thought…save the good stuff, you might not get it again.

Gran’s dishes are Noritake’s Azalea pattern, hand-painted with gold trim. Because of the stamp on the back, this particular pattern was manufactured pre-World War II in Japan in the original factory owned by Ichizaemon Morimura.

Mom gave me those dishes. I never asked for them, she just knew. I’ve never used them until this year. This Thanksgiving there were only six of us so I had enough plates. Instead of my usual go-all-out tablescape, I kept it simple…simply Gran.

The moral of the story: use that stuff you were saving for good. The good is now.

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