This One’s for You Mary D.

Mary mentioned last week that she hasn’t seen a blog posting this month. “I keep all your blogs in a folder and I haven’t received any lately,” she said.

I’ve blogged regularly one to two times a month, sometimes more, since 2011. There has been a temporary lapse only because our son started high school, the Washington Nationals entered the Major League Baseball National League Division Series, celebrations of life’s events took place, and, like all of us, life got busy.

But hospitality goes on whether it’s chronicled in the pages of this blog or not. When people rely on you for whatever reason, you have to deliver. In this case, it’s just a blog with lessons of hospitality, recipes, and tales of good people. But, I’ve given my word that I would keep the hospitality tales coming. It’s simple — if your word isn’t any good, then what is left?

Here is a photo of the last lopes of the season. Add some yogurt and fresh fruit and you have a light breakfast. Thank you, Mary, for missing the blogs.


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