Real Men Can Cook

I knew by the way they barreled in the kitchen that they were hungry. Our 14-year-old son and his two buddies came in from outside with that “look.” I was elbow deep in cookie dough involved in my own project so I really couldn’t stop to make them food. Besides, at 14, they can forage in our kitchen and find something themselves.

Before I could even finish my instructions to fire up the grill and grab some frozen burgers, one of the boys asked, “Mrs. Kelley, do you have an onion?”

Step One: slice the onions

Step One: slice the onions

Before I could answer, Connor continued, “Well, only if it’s not your last one, but we didn’t have any at home [I guess that’s why they came here] and I can show you how to make grilled onions in a pouch for burgers.”

Now this was worth clearing a space for him on the counter. What happened next was nothing short of entertaining. Connor instructed me on the onion pouches (recipe below), and the other two boys, Patrick 1 and Patrick 2, prepped the grill, found the chips and implements, and caused general kitchen bedlam.

Did you know a big grill spatula can also be a bat?

As an onlooker I was more than entertained and proud of the boys. These boys are growing into fine, young men…and, they can cook!

Connor’s Onion Pouches (Recipe via His Older Brother Ryan)


  • 1 white onion, peeled and sliced thinly
  • 3 Tablespoons (approximately) of Worcestershire Sauce
  • Garlic salt to taste
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • Aluminum foil


  • Cut as many pieces of foil as you have burgers, big enough so you can make a pouch and twist the top.
  • Place several slices of onions on the foil.
  • Sprinkle with the rest of the ingredients and top with butter.
  • Wrap up and twist top so juices don’t leak out. Put on the grill and cook until soft and brown.

    Burger casualty.

    Burger casualty.