Botanical Buffet

It’s spring and although it might still be a little chilly to eat outdoors on the deck or patio, you can bring all the color and blossoms inside for an indoor springtime buffet.

Watch my e-How video on how to pull this off and welcome your guests to your botanical buffet. For table decorations, re-purpose some of your garden implements and decorate with the colors of spring. Your food will also be inspired by the season. Some of my favorite spring-time menu items are:

Click here for the video here on How to Decorate a Serving Table for a Spring Party. (Be sure to press the “CC” button is you would like to view it with captions.)


2 thoughts on “Botanical Buffet

  1. A beautifully balanced botanical buffet, lacking only a stack of white loaf bread sandwiches (with untrimmed crusts and no trace of healthy fruits, nuts or whole grains) stuffed with thick slices of Boars-Head garlic bologna (cut on # Four) and slathered with real mayo, ambrosia for the gods on Mount Olympus.

    I trust that all goes well with you and yours.


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