Stand By Me

Spoiler alert: This might not be totally about a KitchenAid stand mixer.

My husband gave me a bright, shiny, candy-apple red KitchenAid stand mixer this past Christmas…again.

He gave me the same mixer three years ago. At the time he said, “I thought a serious home cook like you should have one of these.”

I said, “I know…but I love my hand mixer. I’ve moved it around with me for 25 years. This stand mixer is so big, so heavy, so expensive, I don’t have space for it…and, and, and…”.

Bill said I could take it back, no problem.
So, I returned it.

Fast Forward to This Christmas

This past Christmas the same red KitchenAid stand mixer showed up again under the tree.

I said, “You gave me this three years ago and I returned it.”

“I know,” he said.

I thought, okay, I’ll keep it in the basement and bring it up when I need it. It’s not any old thing that gets real estate on my kitchen counter. I hauled the heavy machinery to the basement. (It weighs about the same as a lawnmower!)

Last week the cookie jar cracked. Prime counter space just came on the market, so I hauled the machine back up from the basement and placed it on the counter. I supposed I would use it someday.

Last Sunday I decided to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. Why not try the new mixer? Wow! KitchenAid mixer where have you been all my life!? Why did I resist? My work could have been so much easier and efficient! I felt like a real pro.

They nudge, they suggest, they cajole, and sometimes nag, but we refuse to listen and we shut our eyes. Why is it that others who love us know what we need even before we do? I need to remember that, and trust more.


7 thoughts on “Stand By Me

  1. I love my my KitchenAid mixer. It doesn’t compare to a hand held mixer. I wish it was a little lighter in weight but it never disappoints me.

  2. Barbara I always made cookies mixing them by hand. After my husband got me a KA, I decided to try it for that purpose. Wow. Saves my arm strength and let’s me multi-task — that’s been a few years ago now and I’ve never looked back!
    FYI — the beater that has a rubber edging works especially well at scraping the sides and bottom of the bowl!

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