Setting the Holiday Table — New Year’s Eve Sparkle

Set a festive table for New Year’s Eve by using what you have on hand. Look indoors and out for potential bling for your festive table.

Pick Your Colors and Theme

I have a gold tablecloth so decided on a red and gold color palette. I then found a tall candlestick in bronzy-brown and a brown table runner, so I decided to go with an earthy theme. Once I had these items in hand, my search was narrowed down.

Now, off to the outdoors where I cut some huge Magnolia tree leaves and Holly tree branches. I went indoors to the basement where I keep my floral picks and trims and found red, gold and sparkly things and fruit. I decided the setting needed more candle light, so I added various unmatched votive candle holders. (Always use unscented candles on the dinner table.) I whimsically placed it all together and a tablescape was born!

Whether it’s a buffet table, a formal table, or an open table for people to sit once they get their food, create a centerpiece from what you have on hand — including your imagination.

Happy 2014!


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