Weekend Watermelon Cooler

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Photo © Cassandra Birocco

The weekend’s almost here and watermelon is a plenty. There’s nothing like a cool summer drink to welcome friends. Here’s a new one by Karen Covey, author of The Coastal Table, just released this summer. Karen teams up with photographer Cassandra Birocco to give recipes for home cooks who yearn for New England flavors all year round.

Serve this with salted nuts and relax on the porch, deck, or by the water. Most of all, serve it with a smile.

Watermelon Cooler


  • 1 tablespoon simple syrup
  • 1 cup diced seedless watermelon
  • 2 ounces white tequila, or to taste
  • Juice from 1/2 lime
  • Fresh watermelon wedge, for garnish


Make simple syrup. Place 1/4 cup sugar in a saucepan along with 1/4 cup water and bring to a boil. Stir until sugar dissolves, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.

When cooled, add 1 tablespoon simple syrup to a cocktail shaker (Reserve extra in a well-sealed bottle in the refrigerator for later use).

In a blender, purée watermelon until smooth. Pour through a fine-mesh strainer, pressing gently to extract as much juice as possible. Discard pulp. Add watermelon juice to cocktail.

More of Karen’s drink recipes can be found in the summer issue of Celebrate Home Magazine. Download all issues for free here.


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