Givers, Hospitality and Cheese Trays

Cheese trays inspired by Peggy.

Cheese tray inspired by Peggy.

When I started this blog, I said it would not just be about food, although food comes into play when you write about hospitality. I knew there would be stories about people, love, humor, neighborhoods, you name it, probably all centered around food. Here is one of those stories.

Peggy and Bill McCarthy are givers. Plain and simple. They’re not really into food or fine cuisine; in fact they don’t eat meat, or much. They “eat to live” as the saying goes. Food is not important to them, but people are important to them.

When there’s a crisis or a celebration Peggy knows it’s food that soothes the soul or celebrates a life. She works like a nut in the kitchen preparing food for new mothers, those who have lost loved ones, those who have no one, and those who deserve a big celebration. Her husband Bill is the support staff. As soon as Peggy says Costco, he has the car keys in his hand. He shops, lugs, rallies volunteers from his Knights of Columbus Padre Pio Council, and sets up the bar if the occasion calls for it.

Peggy is also a realtor, but it doesn’t stop at the sale. In fact, the sale (or a non-sale) is the beginning of a friendship she cherishes. Such is the case with a seminarian from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Brian McAllister, who was ordained a deacon last week in the Catholic Church. Peggy sold his townhouse he bought years before he entered the seminary. Then, she decided to throw him a reception worthy of the occasion after his first Mass as a deacon preaching his first homily. She asked me if I would help arrange the platters of food. “How about some pretty cheese and fruit platters?” she asked. Easy to be inspired when Peggy asks.

Look for the Peggy’s and Bill’s in your lives. Be thankful for them and learn from them. These kinds of people make us feel good about ourselves and bring out the best in us. That’s hospitality!


One thought on “Givers, Hospitality and Cheese Trays

  1. We are one of many that has and continue to benefit from their hospitality, friendship and many acts of kindness. True Saints worthy of praise!!

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