Real Men Can Cook

Have you ever known a boy (or a man) who isn’t drawn into the lore of the campfire? It’s about the chopping of the wood, the building of the fire, the smoke, the failure, the success, then, alas…the roaring fire!

Easter Sunday is one week from today and here in northern Virginia we are expecting snow. What better way to welcome a spring snow than to build a blazing backyard fire in the pit. But, it didn’t stop there. First, it was the cast iron popcorn popper and hot, salty popcorn. Then, Danny ran home to mix up some chocolate chip pancake batter and returned with his pie iron.

Then Patrick and Connor found our pie iron and used refrigerated pie crust and filled it with Nutella and peanut butter. The other Patrick from down the street cooked it.

Chocolate chip pancakes

Chocolate chip pancakes

Nutella/peanut butter pie

Nutella/peanut butter pie










Who said 13-year-old boys spend too much time indoors playing video games? Not these boys. They are only limited by their imaginations…and their appetites. Welcome spring snow!

Rome’s Pie Iron – For the real deal check out this website which includes the products and recipes.

Tasty Suggestions

The dough can be made from refrigerated pie crust or pop-open biscuit, crescent rolls or pizza dough. Or, even plain bread. Fillings we like:

  • Cherry or peach pie filling
  • Apples sweetened with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, dotted with butter
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese
  • Grilled cheese

2 thoughts on “Real Men Can Cook

  1. Great post! I’m always amazed that your son (and his friends) like more “old-fashioned” pastimes, rather than video games and the like. There just might be hope for the future!

  2. Who is that shaggy-haired kid in the picture???? And why does his mother let him out of the house in shorts in this weather????!!!! And no wonder he wasn’t hungry for dinner . . . .

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