Finding Hospitality – Wine and Macarons

January can be a little ho hum, especially when the anticipated snow storm ran off course and missed us totally. It was another typical day until I wandered into the Wine Cabinet in North Point Village in Reston, Virginia. It was barely 10 a.m., but Owner Rande Jenus waxes poetic when it comes to wine. And he and his staff score big in the hospitality department. After he offered me a cup of coffee, he recommended wine pairings for my dessert party. He drilled deep into the ingredients of my menu to know which wines to recommend. (That is a subject for a much longer article.)

Oh! But what is that robin’s egg blue box tucked into the corner of the refrigerated beer cabinet? Rande becomes even more animated than he already is when tells me that these are Michel’s Parisian macarons. “Have you been to Paris? Have you been to Laduree?” Rande asks with enthusiasm.

Michel Giaon, owner of Michel Patisserie, now lives in the Reston area with his family. He began his pastry training in France and perfected his knowledge at the prestigious L’ Ecole Lenotre where he graduated with a diploma in French pastry. He went on to refine his craft for more than ten years at several of Paris’ fine patisseries, most notably Laduree. After moving to the United States, Michel directed the patisserie and bakery Department for Wegmans Food Markets. Now in the local area, he devotes himself completely to his latest creation, Michel Patisserie. Michel says, “These impeccable Parisian macarons are the ‘aristocrats’ of French pastry.”

In addition to the wines, I chose the macaron variety box which includes French vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel, passion fruit, orange and lemon. As soon as I got home, even before taking off my coat, I lunged into the salted caramel. Mmm….heaven in my mouth are the only words I can find to describe them. Lucky are my family and friends who will enjoy these if they aren’t all gone before they get here.

Go to Michel Patisserie at to see his complete selections. And if you’re local to northern Virginia, stop by the Wine Cabinet, or sign up for their newsletter here. Your January won’t be ho hum anymore.

Rande, pictured here, added that a nice wine pairing for Michel’s macaroons would be Moscato D’asti. Rande is holding his favorite rosé champagne, a magnum of Billecart-Salmon.


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