Glückliche Runden Geburtstag

That is “Happy Round Birthday” in German if you are wondering. The “round” birthdays are the ones that end in 0. In Germany and in Scandinavian countries the Round Birthdays are celebrated as great events often with hundreds of guests. No matter where you live, a Round Birthday is a milestone we all hope to meet.

In our office, we celebrated Brenda’s Round Birthday of 70 years. I borrowed a clever idea from my friend Joan who, on the occasion of our friend’ Betty’s 90th Round Birthday, baked 90 cupcakes with candles on each one.

So, I set about baking 70 cupcakes, decorating them in bright colors and putting candles on each. Then, I formed them in the shape of the number 70. It was a hit again! I’ll hope you’ll do it for someone’s next Round Birthday. Hint: Leave plenty of time to light all the candles before the guest of honor arrives. If it’s a really BIG Round Birthday, it could take several people to do the job.

For more office birthday ideas, have you read “The Office: Mary Ann and the Beating?” Oh you must!  Click here to read.

2 thoughts on “Glückliche Runden Geburtstag

  1. per Barbara’s request, I am posting my Facebook comment directly for you readers on the blog: fyi, the German is actually grammatically incorrect in the title. As a title, it should read “Runde Geburtstage” and the intro should read: “Ich wuensche Dir einen gluecklichen runden Geburtstag.” In German, that means “I wish you a happy round birthday” or “Happy Round Birthday” for short.

  2. Thank you Dani! I was flying blind with Google translate. I should have known to give you a call. Not only are you a 5K, 10K and other running race champ, you know lots of stuff. Thanks for reading and for all your comments!

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