Let Your Table Whisper “We’re Glad You’re Here”

Setting the table for Christmas Eve dinner is never an afterthought for me. I do it even before I start cooking. It’s the whimsical part of creating a festive atmosphere to say welcome to family and friends when they sit down to eat.

I had some fun tonight. I created the centerpiece for the table. I started with a gold mat. I found a gold mosaic bowl from the clearance table at Pier 1 and put a red sparkly candle in the bowl and surrounded it with clear/gold stones and fresh cranberries. I then accessorized the bowl with gold and red Christmas picks, sparkly fruit, punctuated with gold star and snowflake ornaments.

This week as you go along in your travels in stores and around your house, look for things that might make a pretty tablescape.

  • Take a pretty tray or basket, place several votive candles on/in it and accent with some greens and ribbons.
  • Always use candles of some kind for the Christmas meal.
  • If your dining table is a farm-type table or more informal, use a colorful quilt to cover it. Make a centerpiece out of greens from your yard – holly, evergreen, magnolia leaves.
  • Use the gingerbread house your kids made as a centerpiece.
  • Use Christmas ornaments to decorate the table.
  • Weave beaded garland throughout the table for some sparkle.
  • Use various dishes that don’t match with a plain table cloth.
  • Tie napkins with ribbons.
  • Fill a bowl with pomegranates and oranges studded with whole cloves.
  • Use a colorful silky scarf on which to place your Christmas baubles.
  • If you can sew a simple stitch, visit the fabric store and make a table runner(s).
  • Walk through Michaels or A.C. Moore and get ideas. Find some Christmas picks, candles, garlands, anything and get home and put it all together. Sales are going on now.
  • Let your children decorate the table for a complete children’s table. They will feel like they did meaningful work. Let them make place cards.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just two or twenty. It doesn’t matter if you have matching dishes or not. Put your mood and personality into it. Set your table with a spirit of hospitality. It shows.

Tablescaping Tips from Celebrate Home Magazine

This blog post was adapted from my article in Celebrate Home Magazine. Check it out here for pretty photos and ideas. Be sure to click the “Buy Digital: Free” button. (It’s free to download. Don’t click “Read Now,” as you really can’t read it.)



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