Photo by Cindy Dyer.

There is a game in our neighborhood — maybe you play it too — where during the weeks before Halloween, the kids “Boo” houses. Kids knock on a friendly door, run away and leave a sign that says “Boo” along with some candy. Sometimes there is a poem or a riddle and the signs can run from plain lettering to elaborately decorated placards. The game catches on because the house who is Boo-ed must go on to Boo another house.

The boys wanted to Boo some houses last week. However, I had no candy in the house. But, motivated boys will figure out a way.

They scrounged through my pantry and found graham crackers, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and baggies. They assembled what they called “S’more Sets.”

Actually, what a great idea for around the campfire. Assemble S’more Sets ahead of time with all the ingredients and hand a baggie to each person to make his or her own S’more. This keeps the campfire area a little more tidy instead of open packages of ingredients getting spilled and going stale. The only thing I would do differently from the boys’ S’more Sets is to include a chocolate bar square in place of the chocolate chips. They probably would have done this, but being the industrious boys that they are, they worked with what they had.

Happy Halloween. Keep the goblins safe.


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