I’ve given birth again…

…but it’s not to a bouncing baby boy this time—it’s to a new magazine called Celebrate Home Magazine. The Fall 2012 Celebrate Home Magazine debuts today on the first day of October with the mantra of this blog—“making the ordinary extraordinary.”

Published quarterly, Celebrate Home Magazine focuses on family, food, entertaining, gardening, art, crafts, hobbies, personal expression, hospitality, pets, decorating, communities and neighborhoods.

The time has come for a magazine like this—highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. No matter your budget, your skills or the size of your space, we’ll enthusiastically share experiences of those who nurture the space they call home. Let us inspire you!

I’ve teamed up with the talented and renowned Cindy Dyer, whose artistic direction and photography bring the Wow Factor to the pages. We are passionate about all things home and welcome you to open the door and come on in. We also welcome you to be contributors. This magazine is for you and about you.








4 thoughts on “I’ve given birth again…

  1. Congratulations on this major achievement Barbara. This path is surely becoming more than a hobby for you, and i know you will have much success. Your “giving birth” line caught my eye. One story ill always remember you from is what I’ll call the power of childbirth. 🙂 Again, congratulations.

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