Pretty Picnic…Indoors

Too hot to be outside? Have an afternoon summer tea with a picnic theme. Gather brightly-colored placements and napkins, make iced tea, bake some cookies, and assemble fruit kabobs from what’s in season. Wooden skewers are easily found in the grocery store. Arrange everything in a whimsical fashion on a table and indulge.

I used this theme for an office afternoon farewell for a colleague. The Pineapple Cookies (recipe here) and fruit were a refreshing break. Since we have some weight watchers on our staff, I used Crystal Light Iced Tea, Natural Lemon flavor. It was also easy to mix up quickly in the office.

Hint: In a hurry or don’t want to heat up the oven? Buy Archway Dutch Cocoa Cookies (or something similar). Arrange on platter(s) and sprinkle with sifted confectioner’s sugar. Punctuate with bright red strawberries.

Keep it simple, it’s summer.


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