Take Time to Smell the Flowers…and, Eat Them While You’re At It

Flower cupcakes by Barbara. Fondant butterflies by Cindy. Photo by Cindy Dyer.

Maybe you’ve noticed the country has been in a cupcake craze for a few years now. The passion is real – all flavors, cool decorations — because we love our cupcakes.

Here are some cupcakes I designed with the help of Cindy Dyer who fashioned the butterflies. These are made to look like flowers where upon a little butterfly has perched. Flowers and cupcakes, both my weaknesses.

Flower Cakes

  • Purchase flower-petal cupcake papers made by Wilton. I found a variety of flower papers in Michaels.
  • Make Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes (This is my all-time favorite recipe, click here for recipe from one of my previous blogs, scroll to the bottom for recipe. Although, any box mix will do.) Bake cupcakes in petal papers.
  • Tint frosting with a small amount of yellow food coloring.
  • Pipe frosting on tops of cupcakes in concentric circles or in stippled fashion. Both simulate a flower’s center.
  • Top random cupcakes with fondant butterflies (After all, butterflies wouldn’t land on all the flowers, right?).

Fondant Butterflies
[Method told to me by Cindy Dyer.]

Buy ready-made fondant (Michael’s, A.C. Moore, or other craft/baking supply store). Roll out fondant with rolling pan. Lightly dust with powdered sugar to keep from sticking to the small cookie cutters or aspic cutters. Cut out shapes. When making butterflies, use a knife or fondant tool. Bend butterfly in center and tuck the butterfly-shaped fondant into a piece of bent cardboard so the butterflies will hold their shape while they harden. Use an edible marker to put butterfly markings on the insects.

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