Orchids and Chocolate

These are two of my favorite pleasures….and can you believe they show up in a photo together? I contrived this little display with edible orchids from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals and paired them with my Brownie Blooms and mint sprigs.

The photo was taken by Cindy Dyer. For more of her botanical eye candy, see A Garden Muse. No, you can’t eat the images in her photos, but you sure can eat my orchids and Brownie Blooms.


3 thoughts on “Orchids and Chocolate

  1. Your photography and your culinary masterpieces are causing my taste buds to work overtime. I must admit that the edible orchids and mint sprigs did not contribute in this instance, but oh, boy, those sugar-sprinkled Brownie Blooms!

    I have a large framed western scene on the wall of a guest room (not that I ever have guests, of course). The signed and numbered limited edition work shows a beautiful valley with grass and trees and wildflowers, and cattle grazing near a flowing stream and a mounted cowboy on the watch. The title of the work by Texas artist Robert Summers is, “I wish I was there.” Cindy has already exacted a promise from me that I will allow her to transfer the work from my home to hers at the first possible opportunity.

    My reason for droning on about the painting is because I wanted to demonstrate the emotion that your Brownie Blooms aroused in me, namely that “I wish I was there!”

      • Hi, Barbara,
        You were right the first time. Commenter is correct, commentor is not.
        However, if a writer or speaker wants to retain the “o” in the word, then “commentator” would properly allow that retention, similar to “puhtator.” Of course in our southern climes, puhtator is sometimes spelled as puhtater. In those areas the penultimate letter is optional – either is acceptable, whether spoken or written.

        Just as an aside, I will always cherish the adjective “gracious.” I’ve been labeled many things, but that word is a first – thanks!

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