A Marriage Made in the Garden

Photo by Cindy Dyer

Is there a better match for strawberries than cheesecake? I made these as part of an afternoon tea buffet for A Garden Muse reception for Photographer Cindy Dyer’s macro photography botanical exhibit at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia. These wonderful bites were scooped up in no time.

Difficulty Level…None!
Wash, hull and hollow out medium-size strawberries. Buy a quality New York-style cheesecake like the one from Trader Joe’s. Use a melon ball scooper and stuff the cheesecake into the strawberries. Dip the top in graham cracker crumbs. How easy it that? They can be made the day ahead and wrapped tightly. Garnish with all that mint you have wildly taking over your garden as I did in this photo.

I found this ingenious recipe on My Sweet Life.  And, oh, it is such a sweet life! Thank you, Kelley Hospitality readers.

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