Kids Kandy Kabobs

I saw these in a local boutique…so clever! The price: $8 per kabob!

I wanted lots of kabobs so I bought my own candy and materials and spent $20 max! So far, I’ve made 20 kabobs and still going. (Retail price for 20 would be $200 oops, I mean $160.)

For all You DIYers Out There

Materials: wooden skewers (available in the grocery store), roll of cellophane, ribbon, Easter grass, twisties, ribbon.

Candy: I used Reese’s cups, Peeps, chocolate eggs, fondant eggs, and some gummy shapes. The candy is tricky. I found the candy wrapped in foil with soft centers (such as a mini Reese’s cup or caramel-filled eggs) work really well. Next time, I would like to find a little bigger chocolate egg wrapped in foil.

The photo tells it all – slide candy on skewers, wrap in cellophane, secure Easter grass with a twistie and finish with pretty ribbon!

The designs are endless depending on the candy, the type of Easter grass and the ribbon. Have fun!

Birds Love It!

I photographed the kabobs outside on this gorgeous spring morning. The azaleas are out, the birds are chirping, everything is coming alive again. My camera batteries died so I had to go back inside. While inside, I put on some coffee. All the while worrying about our active bird and squirrel population! I thought I better get back before the feast began. Hurrying, I went out and there was a lovely bluebird hovering perched on a branch ready to grab the Easter grass for a nest he might be contemplating. Happy Easter to you Mr. Bird. I promise to leave you some colorful Easter grass in the yard when I finish this blog.

Thinking Ahead

How about kabobs for Christmas and Valentine’s Day?


5 thoughts on “Kids Kandy Kabobs

  1. I love your alliterative title for the post, and your homemade kabobs look great. At first glance at the term DIYers, I thought the acronym referred to the Dyer family, but I’m awake now and I realize it means Do It Yourself. I understand now, but I confess that I’m a bit disappointed. For a second or two, I visualized seeing a UPS driver sprinting back to his truck after depositing a box at my door stuffed with Kids Kandy Kabobs and ringing my doorbell.

    I hate to be a nit picker, but if one kabob retails for $8.00, wouldn’t 20 kabobs cost $160.00 rather than $200.00? Plus tax, of course. I believe you should consider decorating one of those food carts that are popping up everywhere—ubiquitous, even—and park it filled with Kids Kandy Kabobs across the street from the store that prices them at $8.00. You’ll make a mint and put them out of business, but not at $10.00 each—at $6.00 perhaps, but not at $10.00.

    Hey, please forgive my nit picking, and keep kooking and kleaning and posting and preening, and I will in turn keep kommenting. A nice post, excellently written, kleverly kouched and enhanced with brilliant photographs. As the Spanish people would say, “Muy bien hecho!”

    PS: “To preen” has a prodigious number of meanings and uses. One of its meanings is to arrange things in order. Cindy, for example, preens her library constantly—she shelves the books in chronological order and/or by subject. I know it’s a stretch, but I desperately needed something to rhyme rythmically with kleaning.

    • Oh my goodness King! You found my Achilles heal…I cannot do math! Never could and why should I now? I have enough to do without doing math. Must run now, I have to klean and prean my kitchen…I just finished making chocolate-covered pretzels, the subject of my next blog. Thanks for tuning in, as always. And, Happy Easter.

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  3. Barbara, these are darling! For your desire to use bigger soft-centered chocolate foil-wrapped eggs, how about Cadbury Creme Eggs? Mmmmmmm . . . .

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