What’s Blooming in Your Kitchen?

Brownie Blooms

I know your time is precious but this will be quick and easy. All you need is a lovely flower mold like the one pictured below from Nordic Ware and a boxed brownie mix.

Prepare the molds by spraying them with cooking spray then dusting with flour.

Prepare the brownie batter by following the instructions on the box for cake-like brownies. Using a tablespoon, fill the molds three-quarters full. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean.

Cool in pan and gently remove. Sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar. Arrange on a pretty tray and punctuate with fresh berries for added flair.

If you have lots of time to spare, use your favorite brownie recipe. But if you are like me this particular week, there is no time, yet I still volunteered to take something to work for a special event.

Brownie Blooms…just in time for spring!


4 thoughts on “What’s Blooming in Your Kitchen?

  1. Hi, Barbara,

    You’re right—my time is precious, and I always appreciate “nice and easy.” My spare time is Liliputian in scope, mostly because of the staggering amount of time I spend in my Counting Room—like, you know, counting out my money (a bit of humor there!). However, I noticed that not one of your dedicated followers has commented on this post, so I will attempt to break the existing stagnancy. As The King of Texas I will lead, and we will see who follows.

    I began to drool—slobber, actually—somewhere around the advice to “Sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar.” At that point I could almost taste the chocolate filling in the spaces between my remaining teeth and adhering to those substantial areas where teeth no longer remain. I was already looking forward to the action of a toothpick to help me relive the taste of that Brownie Bloom!

    Nice camera work and dialogue, como siempre (as always, in Espanol). The N in Espanol needs a tilde, but I couldn’t find a way to show it. The tilde makes the pronunciation of Espanol as follows: S-pahn-yole (accent on YO). Ain’t that weird?

    Be well, and keep blogging,

    Mike (AKA thekingoftexas.com)

    • Dear King: Thanks for your response. Some of my readers comment on my Facebook page where I post the link for each particular blog posting. I wish I could get them to post here though. Even your daughter is guilty of posting her comment on my Facebook page. Glad you drooled. They were yummy!

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