The Thanksgiving Tablescape

The best part of preparing for the Thanksgiving meal is taking a break from the cooking to create the table. You know what my dad always said…”Sell the sizzle…then the steak.” Set a table that says to your guests that you have been waiting just for them. Your table can’t be an afterthought.

This year’s table is a cornucopia of frosted fruit, acorn candle holders, fall picks and garlands with a sheer bronze beaded scarf for splash. My friend Cindy Dyer stopped by just when I was decorating. Her advice: “Just when you think you are done, throw in some more. Make it pop!”

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Photo © Cindy Dyer

1 thought on “The Thanksgiving Tablescape

  1. Oooooh! Ahhhhh! How beautiful!

    And I’m glad to know the “rule for tablescapes” – which is the opposite of Coco Chanel’s rule for accessories – she said when you are ready to leave the house, take one accessory off.

    I think I like Cindy’s rule better :-).

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