Taking it Seriously in Kure Beach, North Carolina

When Kure Beach Mayor Dean Lambeth declared: “This is a family beach and I don’t want to see any thongs on MY beach,” one volunteer took him seriously.

Kure Beach is another small, historic beach town along the Cape Fear Coast, nestled in between Carolina Beach to the north and Fort Fisher to the south. You find all these sleepy, yet interesting, beach towns on Pleasure Island right across the Snow’s Cut Bridge driving south from Wilmington, North Carolina.

I feel like I discovered a treasure here on this island. And, if you’ve ever been to the crowded beaches of Maryland or even the Outer Banks, you will too. But you have to be ready to go with the flow, because it’s like no other place I’ve found on the East Coast. If I had to choose a motto for Pleasure Island, I would say it could be: Keeping it Real on the Inner Banks of North Carolina.”

“I Don’t Want to See Thongs on My Beach!”

When Mayor Lambeth declared this, and I’m really not sure if it was publicly or in the privacy of his home, one man took him seriously. Charlie Copelan (79), retired Navy commander and pilot, and retired engineer with Carolina Power and Light, quietly established his own patrol. When you ask Charlie about it he solemnly tells you how he is on duty and his specialty is discipline. By golly, I believed him at first, but as I got to know Charlie, he is a pistol. He can tell you something with a straight face and have his tongue in his cheek at the same time. And, the red VW convertible is just the car to take on patrol, don’t you think? Don’t let that groovy hair fool you — it’s a visor with a mop of gelled-up hair.

Charlie on patrol with friends Bill and Patrick

So, watch out you thongers! Charlie is on the prowl!

No, this is NOT one of the young ladies Charlie apprehended. This is Peggy Brummitt, an upstanding Carolina Beach citizen. She prefers to ride with Charlie in the car WITHOUT the signs.

2 thoughts on “Taking it Seriously in Kure Beach, North Carolina

  1. Ahem. I would like to know what your husband and your young son think they are doing on thong patrol . . . . looking for illicit flip flops?

  2. Um, yeah, that’s right…. illicit flip flops…. Rose, you’re catching on! But Patrick and I will leave the disciplining to the full-time pros and not us part-timers. Its got to be such a problem, we’ll need to patrol often 😉 Bill Kelley

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