There’s Been a Sneeze Guard Sighting in Carolina Beach, NC

The front porch of The Lazy Pirate

Dave Pierce owns The Lazy Pirate on Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. He also owns Slickers Raceway next to it where the kids can race go-karts while their parents sit on colorful Adirondacks on the front porch and enjoy some libation. Or, as  Peggy and Charlie often do, have a beer and watch the traffic go by.

We met Dave two years ago when he was building the restaurant and we toured the construction site. He was going to call his new restaurant the Lazy Parrot. After the place was built and the signs were up, he became aware of a trademark issue with the name. No problem for Dave, he just rearranged some letters here and there and the place became the Lazy Pirate. That’s the way they are here in Carolina Beach—real laid back and real adaptable.

We stopped in for a bite the other night and lo and behold, I spotted a  sneeze guard in the corner. They were rearranging the furniture for karaoke at 9 p.m. What’s the big deal about the sneeze guard? Read I’m a Sneeze Guard Heiress” in my first post. I digress.

Sneeze guard sighting in Carolina Beach

The decor is sports and games and fun. The tabletops are various games and one of their events is Texas Hold’em for Charity. In fact, The Lazy Pirate if often the site for local charity events. This town can thank Dave for his generosity and his good food!

The game tables at The Lazy Pirate



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