Piping hot donuts from Britt’s, Carolina Beach

Britt’s Donut Shop in Carolina Beach, North Carolina

YUM! Hot donuts from Britt's

Why mess with perfection? Why try to put sprinkles or frosting on something so perfect as a Britt’s donut? Since 1939, Britt’s has been on the Carolina Beach boardwalk, opening March to September only a few days a week, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. For some folks, it’s a destination. For newcomers, they’ll think they’ve died and gone to heaven!

“We’ve never changed the recipe because people seem to like it,” says Bobby Nivens, who owns the shop with his wife Maxine. Bobby worked at Britt’s in high school in the 1950s before buying it in 1974. “I’ve always loved this place and we hope to pass it on to our daughter.”

The Nevins’ raised their daughter, Lynn, in the house down the block on Cape Fear Boulevard. A friend of ours, Peggy Brummitt, a resident of Carolina Beach for 32 years, lives in the Nevins’ former home—a completely restored and charming beach-town house. We walked over last night for happy hour and got a tour of the place.

“Bobby and Maxine embraced me the minute I started dating their friend, Doyle Brummitt,” said Peggy, who later married Doyle, a retired Marine and town fixture who had known the Nevins for years. “They raised Lynn in this house and she is now the town clerk for Carolina Beach. Lynn applied and got a job with the town when Doyle was mayor pro-tem way back when. This house has a lot of good vibes in it.”

Owner Maxine Nevins wears the birthday hat husband Bobby made for her from a donut bag.

Just follow your nose back to the boardwalk to Britt’s. The line is long but it moves fast. You can eat at the counter or take a bag with you. But, eat them hot, the only way. Bobby’s right: don’t mess with perfection.

Visit Britt’s on Facebook.

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