Do You Think They Poured the Wine in the Shrubs? I Don’t and Here’s Why

Come in, sit down, pour a glass of wine and relax in Dave and Pat's wine cellar.

Pat is something else (in a good way “something else”). I knew about her varied talents as a mother of two boys balanced with a heavy travel schedule for her job. But I also learned the night we went to dinner in their home that she is also a gourmet cook. Up until this point, I had only tasted her scrumptious coconut macaroons which should have tipped me off. Dave, her husband, is just a natural host no matter where he is.

I wanted to bring something to our hosts, so how about some wine? I’m not an expert on wine, but I know what I like and I know what people have told me about wines.

Having just discovered this extensive wine section at Trader Joe’s, we had been tasting some new varietals. I took a bottle from my “like” list. Feeling very pleased with my selection — a good wine at a good price — we knocked. It took me about two minutes to discover that Dave and Pat are experts on wine. Vocab lesson –“oenophiles” they are!


We had the pleasure of lingering in their wine cellar which included seeing the wine breathing in a decanter to pair with the succulent lamb chops on the menu. I’ve seen a few wine cellars — including one in the home of the person who invented the Internet. (I’m not name dropping, I figure that will keep you guessing because there are several people who have claimed to have done that!) But the cellar in Dave and Pat’s home really grabbed me, not only because of the wine, the colors, the arrangement, but because it was welcoming. You could get locked in there with a good book and a corkscrew and be very cozy! In a hurricane, it would be my shelter of choice.

The Menu

Dinner included a delicate squash soup, grilled-to-perfection lamb chops, seasoned green beans. Dinner was topped off with a mini chocolate “shake” served in lovely petite glasses. And, of course, lots of really fine wine. We gladly deferred to Dave for his wine recommendations for each course. The kids had their own gourmet meal prepared by Pat with their palates in mind.

I had to laugh at myself feeling a little silly with my favorite wine in hand as an offering. However, Pat and Dave are ever-gracious hosts and when they both said: “We love to try new wines!” they put me at ease. It wasn’t just what they said, it was how they said it.

Hey, they may have poured my bottle of wine into the shrubbery but with their welcoming and gracious attitude they made me believe otherwise. Now, that is hospitality!

(Hey Pat…next time I’m bringing flowers!)

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